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Universe district middle of the night  12sky2 gold Empty Universe district middle of the night 12sky2 gold

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First of all, to introduce myself. Universe district middle of the night. The total property is not more than one hundred million million of liquidity, grade 60. I talk about in this small make 12sky gold experience. To tell the truth, this game Danlian players is difficult to make twelve Sky - gold drops! Hard one day, good luck also played a few pockets, earning hundreds of thousands. This 12sky gold with equipment can not afford, unless you luck violence, Daguai play skills book well worth 12sky gold. Otherwise, your 100 even 30 skill books should not even think buy school. 12sky2 silver I Daguai almost no violence 12sky gold the best of what value and equipment. However, why I have so much money? Simple, bet on horses to win. The gambling thing is a fortune to the fastest way to rich. Personally, I like to gamble, but in reality not so much money to gamble, even if there are also reluctant to gamble on. (In case you lost a wife to kill me!!) In the game, I am not afraid. Some players when he said, to lose, I will continue to Daguai, anyway, who stay a few thousands of millions almost useless. To sentence the truth, the second of the day, a magic gun gun 30 books necessary to 1000 million, hundreds Universal what's the use? Are not enough to buy a baby! Play game why? In this pursuit of the strength of the strongest? The skills do not learn, always only beaten! Well, not nonsense. Talk about my fortune to experience it. I have hit four purse opened nearly 60 million, laugh ah! 600,000 can buy a lot of the equipment before 40. However, soon I was laughing. I have a few on the rise to 50, my 12sky gold can not afford the equipment, let alone buy the skill books. My luck is not good to play for so long, even "things did not storm over a. Depressed was walking in the streets, thinking to find a way of 12sky gold. Suddenly, I saw a man named Board seeking independence lost "Autumn beg" (begging) in the warehouse blood screen Heaven "next to my point that he entered the place of a betting on horse races. Which can be a real buzz! Lot of people are passionate shout ah called ah! I watched for a long time in the next, and finally to see the experience points. So buy one, soon in a few million, I direct halo Money was too easy! Later in the day, I do not upgrade, you gamble. Anyway, the game Well, how play can be pleased on how to play. Not to mention money to upgrade to faster it! Lose, win. Later found a way to never lose, the key to start the narrative of this article ---- buy a horse!buy 12sky2 silver coins Horses, eight horses with three states, divided into upper and lower third-class. The status of each horse will change each round. The speed of the horse is divided into early, middle and late. Show the higher the number the faster. Initially run before three times speed, medium-run rate of forty-five laps, the final run the last lap speed. (Think personal statistics) I buy a horse experience is to buy only the upper and middle horse, and definitely do not buy the horse. Buy the dark horse as far as possible, such as almost the point of the horse, the odds are high, people buy less, likely to win big money. I am the most powerful one who 30 million to earn 22 million twelve Sky - gold! Powerful, right? The dark horse is the horse? Is the kind of starting a fast horse. Starting fast is not predictable, and relies entirely on the opportunities, such as: The end of the early mid-term 10,210,899 on the 1st 10,411,093 on the 2nd twelvesky2 gold If the No. 1 starting fast, slow start No. 2, No. 1 would certainly win. Run with a few distance from the same speed as the horse is difficult to catch up. If the money to buy the 2nd horse 10 million people do not buy the horse on the 1st, then you only need to under 10,000, will be able to win 10 million. Of course, the chances of fine horses starting fast is definitely better than in the lower horse. Therefore, the lower horse is difficult to a dark horse, at least I have not seen. I think now you should be a general understanding of the buying horses. Is to count the speed, look at the state last were many people looking to buy, and more do not buy, the odds are not enough to pay tax. Try to buy some dark horse can hope to earn twelve Sky gold. Finally, gambling will soon let you bliss, will soon make you bankrupt. Any time in the left one million in the warehouse. Why? The medicines Lianji ah! Oops, I heard someone who has bought a bankruptcy horse to jump ... Oh, I went to catch him, See you next time. (I do not have friends, 12sky2 gold I love horse racing, seldom leveling, there is no communication, and what people I only have two friends, the Prince of betting on horse races know God, guns, blood family. At this point, would like to say to them, it is Nice to meet you, and your brothers.)


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