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Post  huanghai001 on Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:08 pm

Louis Vuitton is one of most outstanding leather designer in the history of France. Louis Vuitton opened the first suitcase shop which is named after his name in Paris In 1854. After a century, Louis Vuitton become one of the best product brands in the field of suitcase with leather goods, and become a symbol of the upper-class. Now LV has not limited to design and sold high-grade leather bags, but also become the trend indicators of fashion, decorations, leather shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, media, wines and other areas. Why LV is so popular among people? It can attribute to the following aspects.
Quality is the life of a product. It's difficult to pursue the true extent of LV's legend of waterproof and refractory. In fact, it does not use leather or other ordinary leather materials, what it uses is a material called Canvas, which is often used in oil painting. Pulsing with a layer of waterproof PVC, it did make it looks new and not easy to wear and tear. Besides the quality, with 150 years history, specializing in royal and noble market initially also makes the brand stands undeniable.
Louis Vuitton bags have become so popular in most parts of the country. The designer label originates from France where the designer has a large customer's base. Other than these bags, Louis Vuitton produces other products which meet customer's needs. Basically, the label designer is known in the whole world. The bags are quite outstanding as far as the numerous designs are concerned. The designs come in a variety of shapes hence meeting customer's tastes and preferences.
Recent years, LV finally changes its former style that only focus on classic while not pay attention to the fashion trend. In 1996, in order to celebrate the 100 anniversary of LV Monogram series, Louis Vuitton invited seven fashion designers designed the limited styles, which caused a collection rising in global. In 1998, Louis Vuitton asked the American designer MarcJacobs to join the design of Vernis series. Then, LV started to design clothing series and other fashion fields.
Louis Vuitton is not just passing fashion brand. The reason why it can become a hundred years brand lies in that it can let consumers enjoy the aristocrat's quality. Almost every consumer used LV leather products know that it can still intact after several years' using. What's more, it will become natural and elegant color after the long-term contacting with skin.
There are two little stories that can prove people's trust to Louis Vuitton. Many years after Titanic was sunk, people found that there is any seawater in the LV hard type of leather box, which is salvaged from the seabed. Another story says a person's home was on fire, and almost everything was destroyed except a Monogram Glace bag. Although the stories are a little exaggeration, however, it shows the brand's unshakable position.
What Louis Vuitton is doing is to do its own brand, uphold its own brand spirit, do different things, to provide real cultural things and hope there are more and more people understand and pay attention to LV products. Although most of us don't have the purchase power on it, it doesn't matter, it will be the first choice if we have the ability.
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