Top Five Styles of Designer Handbag

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Top Five Styles of Designer Handbag Empty Top Five Styles of Designer Handbag

Post  huanghai001 on Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:46 pm

Designer Handbag is undoubtedly the favorite accessories for most women. More designer and stylish the handbag, the more demand it has among women. Be it a corporate style handbag or short-strapped vanity bag, a lot of women purchase handbags that largely match their attire. Handbags are considered as more of a fashion statement and thus women look for handbags that enhance their personality. It has been observed that most women prefer possessing multiple handbags to use them at special occasions. The designer handbags are generally made of high-quality leather or synthetic material but in the recent years handbags made out of recycled material too have entered the market. Here I list top five basic styles of designer handbags available in the market today. They are most popular categories that always in the wish-list of most trendy persons.
 Hand-held bags. As the name shows, hand-held bags are hold by your hands due to their small strap. Since they are not very big, they are very easy to carry in any event. While, one important thing you should remember is never dump anything and everything in them. They are absolutely not ideal for holding lot of heavy items.
 Shoulder bags. Bags carried on shoulder are another iconic handbag styles. Thanks for the long straps; they can be carried on shoulder. Whatever you are a working lady with predominant status or teens, they are absolutely practical. Interior, there have large capability to hold much staff.
 Clutches. These are small and stylish with no handles or straps. Like the name itself suggests, these are to be clutched in the palm. Mostly used as accessory for parties and social get dos, today's women have at least one of these in their wardrobes. Handbag manufacturers always put great effort to make the little items distinctive even in the dark evening light by adding beads and sequins. Clutches are even the most favorable items for celebrities stepping on red carpet.

 Tote bags. The tote bag is quite popular and is often referred to as a carry bag. It is usually used for carrying items which are too big to be contained in a purse. Comfortable and functional, the tote bags are extremely useful while travelling. You can dump your make-up kit, wallets, even books easily in them. They can be of great style and can be used by anyone.
 Backpacks. They are widely used for casual purpose. Although they are originally popular among students, now they are quite famous among most keen fashionista thanks for the rich craftsmanship with lovely colors and great patterns.
Whether women decide to buy designer bags online or in a boutique, the authenticity and sophistication of a designer handbag is unparalleled. Clearly, consumers should buy designer bags and should not give a second thought to any other store bought handbags.
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