All in all the strength and vitality after the 12sky gold

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All in all the strength and vitality after the 12sky gold Empty All in all the strength and vitality after the 12sky gold

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The plus point is the attribute points, 1-99 per 1 liter plus 5:00 ,100-112 a plus 15:00 ,113-145 per liter, an increase 30 points, 12sky the Gold will be more and more.
12sky2 silverAlternative point type.
1.40 increases the power of agile, 39 washing point, wash point NPC Peak south of the surface of the law enforcement process to dry after washing point high blood low power is more convenient to make 12sky Gold this paragraph 2 is to add a little advantage of the law, can guarantee the pre- no 12sky Gold to do to maximize savings the 12sky Gold.40 level leveling is not easy to die! to avoid the wash point when the senior, senior final goal is to be blood! drawback is that when you are from 39 comfortable in front of the class a leveling state skip to continuous tonic ability to adapt, this points to ask you to accumulate a given number of 12sky Gold 40 so that you can buy medicine, leveling when hands may also tired of 1:00 to keep pressing the shortcut keys, and efficiency is not very high! proposed 39-2-2 power 3 Min a live two power of two sensitive, plus 39 wash after each two by four live a force of three living force me to add up to ensure that the blood of 112 when 10000 If you want more blood can be more dynamic direction.
2 has been according to the strength, agility plus; this method can be used in the test does not delete files, because of late to a certain series can buy the prop wash to earn more 12sky the Gold, plus the advantages of point of law of course leveling is not tired, save Twelve Sky Gold, efficiency can also drawback is playing BOSS may burst dead, in accordance with the proposed anti-BOSS blood count plus blood to ensure that at least die the PK is also very easy to be seconds! the final analysis this point to the latter part should wash the point we should pay attention to.
3.40 before which, after 40 high-power 1-like blood, Twelve Sky Gold, early the same province, after 40 Colliers strange group of high efficiency, drug types 1 fee, but this points not network card, especially brush Twelve Sky Gold and PK also BOSS explosion risk of death, and once your network card a little leveling to kill the BOSS the PK can not. recommended maximum damage on your network, reference BOSS crit points Do not blindly increase the power of your blood at least better than the BOSS critical strike damage high job if someone insist on playing late Colliers do not want to wash point, be careful!I do not want to talk about leveling the PK points! Only one sentence, leveling by the sword, the PK withbuy 12sky2 silver coins a knife! 12 you are not close to 1.1W blood, Twelve Sky Gold is not enough better not go to the PKA) attribute points plus point
Attribute points plus points: the strength, vitality, supplemented by roughly the strength and vitality of the proportion of 3:2 (this will ensure that your Shaguai speed, because the defense is relatively high, generally will not be seconds away, so pre-leveling much slower than knife but at a later stage, due to the blame of the attack force becomes high, so is the sword leveling advantage reflected the same equipment, hit the red strange knife is very easy to seconds)
Pre-plus points: the first level 7-8 attribute points to increase strength, this will ensure that the pre-upgrade speed. If you feel within less can be added to the internal force (because of 40 the previous unlimited free wash points, 40 before thinking about how to add on how to increase but we must remember that 40 back wash points)
In the late points: still + strength and vitality of mainly 3:2 or 2:3 ratio, according to their own equipment and operating adjustments, should it be + Dexterity, depends on the setting of national costume
(B) skills plus points and Mind and Body
Early skills plus point
Single attack: back to the wind leaves the sword 12sky gold added to the 1-3 like
Group attack: Tian cold jianjue pre added 4
Complementary skills:
Five gas Asamoto, pre-added to the date 10
Whirling Dancer, pre-added to the grade 3 and 4 like
Bing Xin formula, the percentage increase in defense and energy to the number of + to
Sancai Guizhen spare points + here
The skills of mid-and late points:
The tactics of the previous 90 is the sword of housekeeping skills Bing fill batter skills you can learn the initial 30 Dragons flash, Sancai Guizhen fill Whirling Dancer fill twelve Sky gold volley, plus micro-step to 6,7-like Excalibur invincible fill, BI refers to fill (Jiexue pinpoint the anti-addition). days cold jianjue added to consumption figures the total internal force skills 1/3 or 1 / 4, add a little to see their own internal forces of the upper limitLate plus point:
After more than skill to learn, you will find that there are a lot of skill points, which to focus - and spiritual development, not the same because only the knife and sword attack skills and facilitation skills, spiritual development, then than single repair up to more than little more than 60 qualified, so the The advantage is that if you want to PK, you with a knife, 12sky gold, if you want to leveling took the sword,twelvesky2 gold
because the latter part of the sword upgrade simpler than the sword. But the downside is you have to prepare two good weapons. (Mind and Body is limited to late or qualified enough) to play so if you pre-school knife, post-school sword.
In summary, the authors test the Twelve Sky 2 mainstream play alike, that is the sword alike, because the defense have minimal impact on the PK is almost negligible. So the knife is the PK mainstream. Blood limit up, only with a knife in order to seconds.
Is jade not tested and spiritual development, does not comment on. If a friend of Yu Jian alike or knife jade and spiritual development, hoping to write down the experience for everyone to refer to the following.
Elaborate their upgrade experience:
Here that the process of leveling out the out Kanguai twelve Sky gold hit equipment to wear, the first level 7-8 attribute points all add strength, this will ensure that the pre-upgrade speed. Like to play the blame to go with the map. The feeling within less can be added to the internal force, because the previous 40 unlimited free wash point, so 40 before thinking about how to add on how to increase. But we must remember to go back and wash before 40 point, agile, do not add the appropriate internal force of 5 or 10 points is enough, you can not add.
All in all the strength and vitality. 40 after the 12sky gold if you want to speed leveling, then, to find the map of the cave to the strange group, so soon I got to 80, the map after 80 Daoxiang, this time to upgrade the speed slow. But only Man Manao strange Daoxiang hole group 85 before, speed is generally 85 after cut the crocodile and the group of crocodiles around with a monkey strange, slow to be able to rise to 90
90 went looking Township ri caverns strange, violent 95 out and 105 to understand. However, from 70, you have to consider your blood limit to 90 when the blood should have 4800-5000. Guarantee later cut boss will not be boss seconds. In short, before l 85 very quickly and very simple ,85-90 is necessary in 12sky gold12sky2 gold Daoxiang village Man Manao, if you can grab the array, then the best, there will be a lot of money and experience.


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All in all the strength and vitality after the 12sky gold Empty

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