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This time he and I might so end it!2moons goldIs playing 2moons dil and his understanding of understanding of one year to determine the relationship with four months in the four months I was happy, although he can not be together every day but every day as long as there are cheap 2moons gold I feel very satisfied I am very far from the city, one from college! A day in the school when the class will go to the internet cafe! I work every day to hurriedly rush to chat with him! Only a day when we can via video, to see each other! Although this buy 2moons dil a bit hard to take, but we continue! I have battles in the community for three years, for me he is like a little brother, the beginning of my opinion, and he is simply impossible, I know that the gap between me and him, even if he does not care about, but someday he will care, but the kind of thinking is wrong and this time with him, he told me good to tell the truth, my reality is the 2moons gold. He is aware of. But he did not mind! I know this is simply not fair to him, but the feelings of this kind of thing that come and I just can not stop time every day in the past. An instant he was on holiday, he was going to his mother that! To me the day before leaving, I called, I do not know how to actually cry, I think I was afraid that he is gone will not come back, I'm afraid, although this concern is not possible he go for a few days, those days I did not receive his call, my mood is not good, five days later he called me the first phone in the summer, from a numbers point of view, I know him to his mother,. Hanging heart will put down, the city where his mother only more than 200 kilometers, logically speaking, we should take a closer, so we discuss how to meet. Finally reached an agreement, I went to his! Agreed day, every day's close, and with him a long time that I gave up 2moon dil, I thought we soon be able to live happy together, but I did not think doom is also quietly go to my Come on!
He went to his mother that since I have been to hang him Q-I after work to go online, my habitual to complete the Q after Q, just a short while his QQ was his message, I open a photo is a MM sent him, with the added words: "I perm you look at the PL it?" I suddenly have a feeling that they have a problem! But I am not'm sure, because I was afraid because my mind to think that he! No care, the other to see I did not respond and asked: "Who are you?" I do not know how to answer, I can not even I am his wife so do not dare say a word to export home, I lay bed grew more and more wrong, a few days ago, I hanging 2moon dil, where in Q nor on the game and I do not chat, how would have been smiling! In two days he gave me the phone, I asked him, he just casually told me that people just know when to play QQ games do not talk a few times on the video once only! I believe him, because I did not do half of what drag, I and the contact he still rely on the telephone before the meet this time, taking into account that he give me a call, telephone charges are too expensive I let her give me a message every day as long as the one received his message,2moons dilI do not care in what will reply as soon as possible to his, I fear him, anxious. . . On several occasions I even regardless of the store guests to buy things that sent him a text message. There are a few days, my Q is that the MM sent him a message. The MM is not directly to me to say anything but the temptation to ask: "I?" I thought is said! MM said: "Oh, I like, I do not give you back a text message mobile phone no money, did not mean to not go back Oh!" I was on the Mongolia, just better if they just like what he said as a developed to chatting on the phone? Even chat phone why must first ask me if I was him I do? If they are not a problem why do not you tell me? I do not believe in talking only time can develop to a telephone chat, my next out of his Q's that moment, I suddenly felt a little salty taste in the mouth. . !
The conflict between me and him, so it lasted for several days, I do not want to call that he did not want calls from him, when my mood in the doldrums, my real boyfriend proposed to me, I did not immediately promised him, I said I need time to think clearly before, and after a few days or lose me and his Cold War, I took the initiative to send him a text message, but the content is definitely the angry words I said: "You forget me! next month I am going to get married you are willing to come to my wedding? "He said:" Do you? married? I? Why? Why promised him? You are my, I do not allowed you to marry him, you only belong to me. "Later, he also told me a secret, his mother introduced him to a girlfriend, and prior did not tell her,cheap 2moons dilready to let them get along to look at, he was scheduled to live in the home of the girl! After listening to these I suddenly remembered the MM that message to him often on the IP, and he is now in that city is a place! One time do not know what to say. I suddenly do not want to go fight, I want to give up, so I prepared to replace the phone number, I was a person in the home, listening to the radio show to my favorite songs teaser "Some people point Tao Ching-ying song Tai Weiqu "when her love thief, you forget all the vows, she raised the banner of victory of love, you want me to continue to choose to love you the way. . . . . . The Tai Weiqu even breakups I finally got the news, do not cry, because I love on love all never owe you!
Listens to my disappointing tears fall, maybe I should deliberately to my what specific, after all, reality as early as a dubious boyfriend the day before I am ready to change the number I suddenly miss him! So I called his phone, he did not answer, I have lost, after a while he changed a landline to call me first, I picked it up and hear what he said the first sentence is actually: "You not want to get married? also called Why? "I heard the sound of heartbreak, I calmly said to him:" Yes! I want to get married, but I would like to hear your voice, want the let you know to tell you I want you to know I'm with you as you pay how much, in exchange for how much you pay me on! I owe you, I owe you too , but I always use my right for your heart to fill it!. "talking we were both silent. As if time had stopped, but then I do not remember is how and not noisy. . .
Finally, the wait for the day to meet him, and think one day we could meet I was really happy! I decided to go to buy him clothes, because I promised to him personally to do one, but because of his fun, it has not done! Had to buy a ready-Oh! Daytime temperatures are almost as high as 40 degrees, I stroll in the street one afternoon almost roasted two days night, I ate rice bathed went to the coachman had, I never thought of that. A few days ago with his video when her boyfriend accidentally saw his IP address, just I'm going to that place, so the boyfriend what to say should keep up with. Desperation had to let him go the next morning very early, I sent him a text message to tell him that I had to, I thought we were going to meet! But I forgot to also followed her boyfriend around, not what I expected, her boyfriend did not promise to meet with him. No matter how I begged to have refused to agree, finally forced me away! I pulled on the return trip, I was sitting I'm afraid only tears, I know I was sitting in the car to go for one minute after he came, I did not have the courage to tell him the truth, the truth can only give send text messages to apologize. Later the phone is also her boyfriend robbed. I am helpless. . I know he gave me back the SMS, this time he and I may so end, he said the word made me really sad, he said: "hey, forget everything I have only themselves to blame, perhaps around the most real, "I do not want too much to explain what I think and then explained he would think I find a reason, I do not remember how I was back to my city, I do not want to, perhaps I will leave the city where I live, to start again, but the irony is that the world of big, there's no place to go!
You I'm afraid you leave, you go, I am afraid you will not come back when you come back but you no longer belong to me, scarred me what should go from here? Tears dry, the heart will Does it hurt? Maybe we originally not the together!buy 2moons goldnow since it has been the case so I can only wish you wish you happiness than I!


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