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2moons gold surveyed the town center  Empty 2moons gold surveyed the town center

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Continue down the stairs, through the underpass, to the mountain north, up the sword of the country came to Pratt. Up and met the Queen, the Queen said her brother to crusade against fossil lizard has not yet been classified, so that the protagonist to save him, cheap 2moons dil the way to find an empty stone fly, to reach the magic kingdom of God, looking for the third block of stone. Go right on out into the cave, deep experience in the petrochemical BOSS lizard, it is recommended to soldiers, holy warriors, warrior magic to bring it all can be equipped with a long anti-petrochemical, petrochemical skills because BOSS is a 100% hit! Rescued after over Queen's brother, and find an empty stone fly. Queen to send you back to the city after a sword, but the casino and won the Misililu than the sword, far worse. Out to go down in the Hill Road, a stone block in front of a blank stone used to fly, fly past. Right away no one will find a small village, whether it be first, first right on to the magic kingdom of Aramis, found that people here are very worship of Bala root of God. Up to King City, stepped down from the right, find a MM was kept in prison, she is the princess of this kingdom, and his mother was a witch Lili Si control, leading to the city are beginning to worship Bala roots, so to the lead a ring, so that the protagonist to find Mili Ya Canaan village. Out to the right downward, came to Canaan Village, to find Mili Ya, she gave you a magic wand. Back to Aramis City, up into the king of the city from the dungeon, use the wand to the queen, to restore her consciousness, and then and talk to her, the Queen just said thank you, witch Lili Si came, a difficult game to start , and seek more happiness now! After the victory hard, King City and finally back to the previous peace, but God, the Queen said that the third block of stone, where the vampires, and gave a silver bow to the protagonist to kill vampires. Out to the left downward, back to no small village, down from the ladder to explore the maze, in the depths of the encounter vampires, fighting for his use of silver bow, what took him seconds (if by force, killing him, then he would Resurrection continues to fight with you down), get the third block of stone god Achilles. Came out in the village encountered BOSS, not difficult. Aramis returned to the city, from the gate on the left past the bridge (the bridge will happen in the story, Satsuma and Forestry and the Black Knight in this Part conflict there, the black knight uniforms), turn right and then further down to the Trial of Tower, a door to encounter two BOSS, BOSS left a very strong, we must first get rid of him. The end of the tower there is a transmission device, use the portal has been key to another continent, came up out of the shrine city of Las king. Met with the king, the king came to this city that you will obey my commands, then if the election is not fighting, choose whether it will come three soldiers, but after the story is the same beat. Request you to destroy the king, after mine southeast of the giant hydra. Came out again down the right, entered the cave to encounter the giant hydra (Note that although all of its attacks on parts of the head, but the results are not the same), then you can explore the maze over and find some rare equipment (the most A strong, shield, stick in here). Back to the city see the king, he gives you Bose Si talisman. Back to the town of Bath, the talisman to the Luo Mina princess, get the boat, the boat finally sailing, but sailing does not make sense ... ... boat has to go down the left, came to the island shrine Fati Ma, Fati Ma God, God give you the last piece of stone Bant, and let you go 11 statues to give you strength. Remember a lot of towns have statues, right? Back of each statue are found, each statue requires a companion to help us, that is to leave 11 people, leaving only the protagonist and animal (animal can not leave, and hold important props of the companion must props to the protagonist to leave). After return to the Fati Ma, and the dialogue of God 4 God will be one stone, and become a sword. Then go back to the town of Bath, boat has been down, will float to the sea an island, buy 2moons gold because our only two people have encountered many strange escape it. Encountered in the last layer of BOSS (in the upper left corner of this layer can fall back to the floor, get Shadowbane Hill Feder), which is the Satsuma and Forestry of the last 13 men, but she did not fight with you, but transferred out of the three black knights. Must be left in the middle of the battle that Black Knight will get rid of both sides, after the middle of the Black Knight sober, that he is the protagonist's father, and singled up and BOSS (BOSS, and it was the protagonist's father robbed to go). If the middle of the Black Knight battle will kill, BOSS will tell you that you personally kill his own father, and then also at war with the BOSS. Before moving forward, and players will face Satsuma Forestry sister Sasha, as behind the Satsuma and Forestry, its capacity is certainly not the cover (key members of our little -_-)。 After the victory hard, dying Satsuma Linke said Heilong is risen, and you will know why I am your sister 15 years ago to the hole symmetry breaking. Sure enough he was right, just out of its hole in the lead time with Sasha Sasha's body has changed into a Heilong! This is the final BOSS, though its powerful flame groups, but compared and Satsuma and Forestry or to play some of the legends of the end depends on it, and everyone on it! After the defeat of the Heilong, Fati Ma God's voice came over, that just is not enough to overcome the Heilong, must be reduced to four sword will Heilong God seal up the stone, and so would the dark Black Dragon will never seal in Sasha's body. Sasha's brother as hero, resolutely decided to Heilong seal to his body, since then, the era of peace ... ... 2007-08-20 19:47 Reply DINAS 31 bit 5 floor addition, I also recorded all the magic of effects and can be learned, and only a few really do not understand is what effect, hope expert guidance! Magic List - ヒ - リ ン Jewellery (MP3): Re our single 30 point HP (ro ウ ィ - ナ, リ オ ナ, ミ ュ Getting - available) マ イ ナ - ヒ - Hikaru (MP7): Re our single 200 HP (ro ウ ィ -ナ, リ オ ナ, ミ ュ Getting - available) メ ji ャ - ヒ - Hikaru (MP12): reply to our single all HP (リ オ ナ, su フ ィ ン ku su available) マ Hikaru チ ヒ - Hikaru (MP12): reply to our entire 100 HP (ro ウ ィ - ナ, リ オ ナ, ミ ュ Getting - available) Jewellery レ - Suites ヒ - Hikaru (MP20): reply to our entire 250 HP (リ オ ナ available) キ ュ ア (MP7): reply to our monomer poisoning and paralysis (ro ウ ィ - ナ, リ オ ナ, ミ ュ Getting - Available ) リ フ レ ッ シ ュ (MP8): reply to our monomer confusion and petrochemical state (ro ウ ィ - ナ, リ オ ナ available) オ - Hikaru キ ュ ア (MP10): reply to our single all abnormal conditions (リ オ ナ, su フ ィ ン ku su available) レ イ ズ デ ッ ド (MP30) : resurrection of our individual members (ro ウ ィ - ナ available) レ サ レ ku シ Engineering ン (MP30): resurrection of our individual members (リ オ ナ available) ホ - リ - ブ レ su (MP3): the battle to improve myThis time to take the ore to Sally Meyer, Kober Stewart will get the sword, unfortunately it was the Two-Handed Swords, magic warrior can equip. See back Fala Ou King King City, you can enter the town of Temple, and in the temple to see a female BOSS, she said, Satsuma and Forestry has been a magic ball, Heilong soon revived! Down with her and then go back and see the king, the king said the enemy is likely to lift the southeast side of the temple to seal magic ball, so lead quickly to stop. Out of the city to the southeast into the temple, where the Cavaliers have a chance to play out the skeleton of iron petty clothes, defense is very high. Encountered in the depths of the Satsuma and Forestry, but he said the seal has been solved, and then ran away. Back to the city see the king, the king said to overthrow the Heilong, God only collect stone, gave a key to the transfer unit to the north to the mainland to find prophets protagonist Clay Myer. After using this key can be used in all transmission equipment, but except in the adventure. Sent by the king the right of the device to the Kingdom of the City of Lancaster, under the town of Langley, 2moons gold surveyed the town center only after signs of a princess ring was gone, the king is offering a reward to find the ring of people. Then ran a MM, and said to find the ring together, and said to see the Prophet must have Gangmajita book, book on the King's hands, so women joined the war Shisai Faith. The stairs from the town are thieves union, in which to spend 100 dollars to buy intelligence, said the princess's ring is a businessman Jia Bulei sale. Went to the pub and found Gabriel Reiter gone, I asked the bartender to know a group of gamblers got me a Manchester Ramirez. Out of the city east to Las Vegas Manchester Ramirez, in front of a casino question, Gabriel Reiter went to En Diya. Gambling in the enjoyment of it here, it is easy to win, won all the good equipment, Come, dragon armor to prevent petrochemical, be sure to win a few! If S / L Dafa betting on gold waiting to receive it! Go out to the east, the town came to En Diya, an adventure in the door, said Gabriel Everett was in the pub and immediately went to the pub I asked, Gabriel Reiter even went back to his home in the east of the A Leiya the village. (Reminds me of how fantasy legend?) Out to the east to Alei Ya Village, asked him in his house a wife, he ran to play a casino (Khan), to fly back to Manchester Ramirez, a casino question outside the counter, he went home (Kuanghan). Fly back to A Leiya village, I asked his wife and say that has not come back, probably went to En Diya drink it (and then sweat). Fly back to En Diya, I asked the bar, he drank pleased, and ran a casino (screenwriter, I K over a few!) Ramirez then fly back to Manchester, to ask a counter outside the casino, he went back to En Diya (I have to hit the wall, do not stop me!) And then fly back to En Diya, finally met in the pub Gabriel Reiter (can exhausted me! Fantasy legend of Edward • Mo Lishi hateful enough, it seems like this is nothing more than a businessman ...) , Gabriel Reiter said ring him on the casino, and it seems they have to go back. Ramirez to fly back to Manchester and found that the casino was attacked, the ring has been stolen, the farm owner said that if he can help give back to the box, naturally, could get the ring back. Starting from En Diya, going up to the cave, in which only a BOSS, he claimed to be Luxifeilong Solomon, beat him and ran away, but back to the box. Ramirez returned to Manchester, the box to the counter to get the Royal Ring. Back to King City, with Se Feisi to see the King, the King had come to understand the protagonist, to the protagonist Shouyu, lead to the library to get books. This time Princess Sylvia ran over, joined the team to thank, but also a magician. To the second floor of the library, and administrators have been Gangmajita book dialogue. After going up out of the city, according to Da Nite came to the village, the village at the top of the tower, saw the book with Gangmajita prophets Klein Myer. She said God has four parts stone, and here in her first part, second part of the stolen princess in that ring the hands of thieves Solomon. Lay down and look after the assistant to get the first part of the rock god Rama. Then the left path from the tower can be passed in front of a BOSS waiting for us, beat him after crossing the bridge. Go to bottom left, came to Rhodes town, the town of Bath in the asking to be Luxifeilong attacked, Segang City was arrested and Princess Luo Mina. Understand Japanese friends should remember that there is a sister Liou Na Luo Mina went to Lancaster, right? Out of town down to the town of Bath, in the port of holy warriors met Roland Murat, he said, have destroyed the ship, unable to sail, and his investigation into a base in Cluj Luxifeilong Waters, so that the protagonist to assist him. Back to Rhodes town, go left to Cluj Waters, entered the room on the second floor, Murat found a barely, so I drove engaged BOSS. After that defeat in the sleeping princess Luo Mina magic, the protagonist volunteered that may need to brave the sleeping princess kiss to wake up (sweat), in support of Murat, the protagonist Wenxing the Princess, with Princess Murat after the first return the town of Bath. 2007-08-20 19:47 Reply DINAS 31 bit 4 Bath House back to town, they met at the port, Murat joined the ranks of holy warriors (this is the last team, the holy warriors finally join the holy warriors can be seen the strong, to choose what kind of job would not lead the discussion, right?), and investigate the Luxifeilong's headquarters in the town of Rhodes. The Princess Luo Mina is responsible for the repair, so that the protagonist help to find Bose Si talisman. Back to Rhodes town, 2moons dil from the top of the stairs, to see the BOSS, a total of two battle. After the defeat of Solomon, God has been second stone Kira.


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