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In the "2Moons" game bit by bit Empty In the "2Moons" game bit by bit

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Began to pay attention a year ago (bimonthly) finally pays off in heaven the day I was born a child of a union of my old friend to a phone.(2moons gold) Brothers magic to the trial version tomorrow, and it was not the reason for children up to September 7 was seeking to tear the activation code. ! In the afternoon the mood with excitement and looking forward to landing, and to create characters, in fact, playing before I have thought to play what profession. That is: not how Zeyi, blockbuster kill wind. The beginning of the route followed by the task to go slowly, so playing time, playing so fast to play over the past 7 days 28 of the ~! So now let me talk about the simple case of Class 1-28 wind kill it : kill the wind as a physical attack Agile career.

Attacks in general, can speed are excellent. Learned and the current skills are instantaneous, but personally think that pre-PK is playing, but even a remote attack each other less blood than you than you or beat low (not a technical issue Oh! Occupational imbalance the game) But to say that brush That was easy leveling 2moons dil live: Request is to learn skills: (Murder everywhere) to find a monster in the wild, where intensive almost invisible in the past to find a location and then pull down to the strange,(2moons dil) the basic need time to yourself for a few seconds Strange are lying on the ground. The strange pull the better general 6-10. Note: strange refresh was not very fast, so brushing is necessary for 2moons dil another point down near the bodies; and then go back to point 1, before the authorities lay down, this time you do not pull that strange, as they brush out of the trap would be very basic full range of injuries. Note that in the first strange pull 1 point and 2 points when the die to OK it! Well, now we talk about the skills of the wind kill it: kill the wind speed has to improve the skills, called "Chi", which allows you to move in a short time to improve their speed, in wartime, in the moving speed on the occupied great advantage.

In addition, as a type of professional thieves, must have the stealth skills, it is worth mentioning that sneak inside the magic of the impact speed is not too large, the more the embodiment of the speed of the wind out of the kill. But 2moons dil is very powerful, personal experience as I currently have two skills, this time in your time of war to interrupt other people's skills to release. Especially the reading of the release of the career spell,(cheap 2moons dil) the skill to judge accurately: "Ben lightning" to kill the target in front of fast-moving winds caused huge damage and has a chance to interrupt target magic, this trick can be used to great restraint shaking, release will be interrupted by a large rival magic! "Escape from the wind ~" stealth kill non-combat skills of the wind, this is to learn "boom lightning," the pre-skills, although in non-combat use, but the wind can kill silently to the opponent's side, unexpected blow to the opponent! "Boom lightning" in the case of using dekaron dil, unexpected blow to the opponent, the opponent stun 3 seconds. Bao Lei break "point the wind will kill skill skill bovine B plus second injury ah ~!

Next kill the wind to see if you want to learn pole or learn gun? Simple analytic follows: two knives, fast attack speed are instantaneous, gun high attack, high dodge, high parry (gun handsome oh) Here I talk about simple kill the wind later earned dekaron dil now! much to say say a forced stealth skills is simply too much bad BT X a and learn the skills you want to die all die out! good personal experience is not due to deep end here ~ now in the occupation have imbalances magic: the magic, but I believe that such a strong team can improve the production level it! look to be perfect professional ~! Well come true sentence: no magic,(buy 2moons gold) after the legendary ~!


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